Published in 2012, Julia’s book, “The Lingua Franca of the Corporate Banker”  is designed to offer a seriously light-hearted view on corporate language.  The book contains a glossary of over 500 expressions and business jargon, including ‘Blue sky thinking’, offering dry explanations and a pause for thought.


“A light-hearted book but one with a good question at its heart: why do we feel the need to conform to language we often ridicule and never use out of the office? Well-researched and readable, it also taught me quite a few new phrases I never knew.”
Philip Stafford, Financial Times

 “Recovered idiom abuser Julia Streets guides you laughing, gasping and weeping through the maze of corporate gobbledygook.  This timely gem is required reading for anyone who has ever wanted to run amok with an axe when they hear the words blue sky thinking.Rowan Pelling, Daily Telegraph

“As a straight-talking business woman who combines sparkling wit with genuine knowledge, Julia Streets’ book lifts the lid on the sometimes indecipherable world of corporate jargon.  An addictive read.”Joanne Hart, Investment Editor, Mail on Sunday

 “Laugh out loud romp through the absurdities of corporate jargon and its impact on the business psyche.  Streets employs her instinct for comedy to brilliant effect.”Lynne Parker, Funny Women


The Lingua France of the Corporate Banker