As a host or MC for gala events, Julia Streets is the perfect choice.  She spends time and effort getting to know and understand the priorities for everyone involved, the organisers, technical teams even the caterers.  Her style has the audience engaged throughout the whole event and her experience has set in good stead for handling pretty much any eventuality.

Julia was the host of the inaugural 2015 Fin Tech Innovation Awards, at The Brewery, London.  In 2016, Julia hosted the Banking and Tech Awards.  In 2017, Julia spoke at the House of Lords Reception with Baroness Goudie.  In 2018, Julia was the MC for the ING Charity Gala in aid XLP and Tommy’s at The Brewery, London, and the host for We Are The City’s TechWomen50 Awards at Code Node, and host for the Barclays Bank International Women’s Day Conference.  In 2019, Julia hosted the Women in Banking and Finance Awards, for the fourth year in a row, at the Hilton, Park Lane, London. This year, Julia hosted the Brummell Inspirational Women event at Jimmy Choo.  Julia was approached by City A.M. to host their City A.M. Decodes events and the Women in Investment Festival.


“Julia Streets clearly enjoys hosting major events.  It’s not easy to command the attention of niche audiences like those in the FinTech industry, but Julia’s industry knowledge allowed her to deliver to this audience, with relish.  Julia hosted the 2015 bobsguide FinTech Innovation Awards , held at the Brewery, London. Her smooth running commentary and spontaneous remarks delivered the perfect elements for a memorable event.”
Anne-Marie Rice, CEO, bobsguide