Julia has auctioneered in both the UK and the United States.  With any charity auction, the sole purpose is to raise the highest funds for a cause.  Julia has been invited on a number of occasions to be the auctioneer at fund raising events, from large high-profile events such as The Mob Museum in Las Vegas or the under the wings of Concorde at Duxford Air Museum, to smaller and more intimate affairs.  Julia’s professional, committed and enthusiastic approach has helped raise vital funds for major charities, often exceeding the expectations and targets set.

In 2019, Julia was the Auctioneer at the Barclays: Smart Works auction at the Langham Hotel, London.

“For the past five years, Julia Streets has been the auctioneer at all of our fundraising dinners.  She was spontaneous, funny and never took her eye off the business in hand, which was to raise funds for the British American Project.  Her quick wit, charm and a keen eye helped us to raise funds that always exceeds our expectations. Thank you, Julia.”- Sue McLeod, Director of the British American Project 

“Julia was an amazing host and auctioneer. In preparation she was committed and did her homework – and all this paid off as from the moment she raised her gavel on the first lot, she was eminently competent, and straight-away had the confidence of the room. But more than this, she was hugely fun, and made the auction an incredibly lively and high energy experience which was great for bidding and meant we exceeded our auction target. Guests left with a very positive sense of the night, and of our charity Little Paper Slipper. Thank you Julia.” – Marie-Louise Jones, Director, Little Paper Slipper Charity