Julia started writing comedy in 2008.  She writes all her own material which includes stand up and songs.  As a stand-up comedian, Julia has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on a number of occasions,  Henley-on-Thames Fringe Festival (sell out), Cambridge Literary Festival, Richmond Literary Festival and the Sevenoaks Summer Festival.  She has performed at the prestigious Comedy Store, Leicester Square, Leicester Square Theatre,  St James Theatre and ADC Theatre Cambridge.  

In 2018,ever passionate about charity and as a trustee of Street Child, Julia began organising and hosting the Streets Consulting Fun Tech Comedy Nights in aid of Street Child and in association with Barclays Rise, supporting comedy talent, by bringing the fintech community together. This year, Julia hosted a virtual comedy night with 200 guests, in association with Barclays Rise in aid of Street Child and Captain Tom’s NHS Appeal.  

“There are comedy classes you can take but they don’t work.  You have to be born with it.   There’s no doubt that Julia was.   She doesn’t just say funny stuff, she is funny.   And what’s annoying is that comedy isn’t even her day-job.  She’s far too well-rounded, running her own business and being a trustee for a charity to be a full time comedy person…Ah well. At least there’s some work left for the rest of us.”

– Sally Phillips, Actress and Comedian