April 2019

Posted on Feb 17, 2019 in Corporate, Diversity

25 April – Julia moderated the panel : Who are the Fintech disruptors of tomorrow and how are they transforming financial trading? at TradeTech Europe, Paris.

17 April – Julia hosted: ‘Looking beyond our walls – what we can learn from the legal sector and finding talent in other specialisms’ with Funke Abimbola and Alison Choy on DiverCity Podcast.

10 April – Julia hosted: ‘Organisational Culture and Inclusive Networks’ with Dan Ricard and Alicia Millar on DiverCity Podcast.

3 April – Julia hosted: ‘The Commercial Impact of Diversity’ with Rashmi Prabhakar, Jacqueline Keogh, Global Head Payments and Smirti Vicari on DiverCity Podcast.

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