“I have had the pleasure of performing with Julia on a number of occasions. As a fellow entrepreneur and business woman, Julia has a lot to say about business that is worth listening to, and more to the point is downright funny. She invariably inspires peals of laughter in every audience she entertains.”
Mrs Moneypenny, FT Columnist and  Channel 4 ‘Super Scrimper’

“Recovered idiom abuser Julia Streets guides you laughing, gasping and weeping through the maze of corporate gobbledygook. This timely gem is required reading for anyone who has ever wanted to run amok with an axe when they hear the words blue sky thinking.”
Rowan Pelling, Daily Telegraph

“A light-hearted book but one with a good question at its heart: why do we feel the need to conform to language we often ridicule and never use out of the office? Well-researched and readable, it also taught me quite a few new phrases I never knew.”
Philip Stafford, Financial Times

“Julia Streets clearly enjoys hosting major events. It’s not easy to command the attention of niche audiences like those in the FinTech industry, but Julia’s industry knowledge allowed her to deliver to this audience, with relish. Julia hosted the 2015 bobsguide FinTech Innovation Awards, held at the Brewery, London. Her smooth running commentary and spontaneous remarks delivered the perfect elements for a memorable event.”
Anne-Marie Rice, CEO, bobsguide