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Julia Streets is professional, engaging and funny.  She is the Founder and CEO of Streets Consulting, with a fresh approach to doing business.  In 2013, Julia was named one of Brummell Magazine’s Inspirational Women on Boards.  In 2014, Brummell Magazine named her one of the new Inspirational Entrepreneurs.  She’s not sleeping with the publisher, but you might catch her spooning the glossy.  As a comedian, Julia’s favourite topics are business, comedy, and the comedy of business, delivering comedy as stand-up and in song.  For after dinner speaking and corporate events host, Julia is at home with her audience.  She speaks their language that directly appeals to them.  As a writer, Julia writes about her experience of life and jargon in the corporate world.


Projects and Productions

A little about what Julia has done...

Corporate Corporate

Julia is called upon by corporates for after-dinner speaking, closing conferences, hosting awards dinners and auctioneering.

Comedy Comedy

Having started writing comedy in 2008, Julia writes all her own material including stand up and songs.

Writing Writing

Julia covers topics such as corporate jargon, management and business communication & behaviours.

Broadcast Broadcast

Featured on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, Julia is also a regular guest on BBC Radio Kent’s Drivetime show.

Book Book

Julia’s book, “The Lingua Franca of the Corporate Banker” offers a seriously light-hearted view on corporate language.

Column Column

Julia’s monthly column in FM magazine lightly lampoons a wide variety of corporate topics and behaviours.

News and Events

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22 February

February 2018

Posted in Corporate, Host

22 February – Julia was the MC for the ING Charity Gala in aid of XLP and Tommy’s at The Brewery, London.

30 November

December 2017

Posted in Host

20 December – Julia was the host of the Retail Merchant Services’ Employee Conference and Evening Party, at the Doubletree Hilton, Milton Keynes. 

13 December – Julia presented ‘The Road to Gender and BAME Parity’ on Divercity Podcast.

3 December – Julia performed with John Cleese, Hardeep Singh Kohli and Saleena Godden at a fund raising event for the Byline Festival at Stratford East Theatre.

24 October

November 2017

Posted in Host, Speaker

30 November – Julia was guest speaker and panellist, talking FinTech trends at the ‘We Are Tech Women’ Conference at Plexal, the UKs largest tech innovation hub, Olympic Park. 

29 November – Julia was the guest speaker at H+K Strategies HER Women’s Network event.

29 November – Julia presented ‘Creating and retaining a diverse workforce’ on DiverCity Podcast.

22 November – Julia was a guest on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, discussing ‘what could the Budget mean for you’.

21 November –  Julia was a guest on the BBC Radio Kent Drivetime Show ‘The Conversation’, discussing DiverCity Podcast and being your authentic self. 

15 November – Julia presented ‘Real Models vs Role Models’ on DiverCity Podcast.

7 – 8 November – Julia hosted a panel at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit Amsterdam, Europe’s largest bond trading conference.

1 November – Julia was a guest speaker at a Women’s Board event hosted by Baroness Goudie at the House of Lords in aid of Children in Crisis.

1 November – Julia presented ‘Being your authentic self in life and at work’ on DiverCity Podcast.


What they are saying...

  • “We are so grateful to Julia for her support of Dreams Come True. She was simply brilliant as mc at our inaugural gala fundraising event. In the run up, she was thoughtful and thorough in her preparation, which meant that, on the night Julia performed her MC role brilliantly. Julia’s ‘crowd control’ was excellent and she expertly held the audience throughout the night despite all that was going on to distract them from the important business of donating money. She managed this with just the right balance of humour and pathos.”

    - Helen Brownstone – Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Dreams Come True
  • Oliver Kirkbright – Senior Conference Producer, Worldwide Business Research

    “Julia hosted the round tables at the Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit. She was energetic, thoroughly professional, moved topics along and most importantly, ran things smoothly, in order to keep to time.  Julia is a FinTech Evangelist and her entrepreneurial experience and expertise as a Dragon shined through at the FinTech innovation sessions.”  

    - Oliver Kirkbright – Senior Conference Producer, Worldwide Business Research
  • “Julia hosted Banking Technology Awards in December 2016 in London. Her energy, professionalism and witty observations kept the audience engaged throughout the event and ensured the ceremony ran smoothly and on time. Our guests and the Banking Technology team had an enjoyable and memorable night – it was a success from start to finish. Thank you, Julia! “

    - Tanya Andreasyan –Editor, Banking Technology
  • Nicola Short,  Associate Director RBS and Chair of SIMA NextGEN

    “I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for speaking last night at the Securities Industry Management Association NextGEN event.  The anecdotal feedback has been great, everyone I spoke to thought you were fantastic and I think you provided a really good overview of the technology trends impacting the financial services industry.  Thank you.”

    - Nicola Short, Associate Director RBS and Chair of SIMA NextGEN
  • Julie Menacho, Executive Director, Global Head of Market Technology Sales, CME Group

    “We invited Julia Streets to moderate our 5th annual Tech Talk event held in London at Level 39, Canary Wharf.   Tech Talk is a thought leadership event hosted by CME Group to facilitate a dialogue between financial market participants and trending technology companies. We were thrilled to have Julia managing the stage with a mix of professionalism, charm and wit which enriched the experience for the 200 person live audience.  As a direct result of years spent in the financial technology sector, she was able provide follow-up commentary and insightful questions to ensure the speakers were well framed and the audience was appropriately engaged.   As Julia is multi-dimensional, by day a professional in finance and by night a comedian, we invited her to entertain at the private dinner following Tech Talk, hosting both the event speakers and CME guests with her comedic act.    She had the 50 person audience roaring with laughter and wanting more after a 15 minute set.  Julia is a consummate professional, highly engaging within a diverse audience and such a delightful woman.”


    - Julie Menacho, Executive Director, Global Head of Market Technology Sales, CME Group
  • Marie-Louise Jones, Director, Little Paper Slipper Charity

    “Julia was an amazing host and auctioneer. In preparation she was committed and did her homework – and all this paid off as from the moment she raised her gavel on the first lot, she was eminently competent, and straight-away had the confidence of the room. But more than this, she was hugely fun, and made the auction an incredibly lively and high energy experience which was great for bidding and meant we exceeded our auction target. Guests left with a very positive sense of the night, and of our charity Little Paper Slipper. Thank you Julia.”

    - Marie-Louise Jones, Director, Little Paper Slipper Charity
  • Janet Thomas, President, Women in Banking and Finance

    “Thank you so much for making our Women in Banking and Finance Awards for Achievement Luncheon go with a bang! We really appreciated how you kept us on schedule. We have had many Luncheon guests tell us that it was the best Awards Luncheon yet, and we know that this is down to your contribution in bringing professional polish to the programme of the day.”


    - Janet Thomas, President, Women in Banking and Finance
  • Andrew Segal, Senior Consultant, HW Fisher & Company

    “Julia gave a brief and both illuminating and interesting talk, laced with her own wry humour, much of it in verse. An asset to any meal requiring an after dinner speaker.”

    - Andrew Segal, Senior Consultant, HW Fisher & Company
  • Maggie Berry, Executive Director for Europe, WEConnect International

    “Julia spoke at the end of our one-day annual conference – it had been a busy day packed with lots of different speakers and Julia stood out. She really lifted the mood and energy in the conference audience and raised a lot of laughs which was a great note for us to finish the event on. Her business and entrepreneurial anecdotes worked well for our attendees and I would absolutely recommend her for future events.”

    - Maggie Berry, Executive Director for Europe, WEConnect International
  • Peter Ware, Director, SWIFT Institute

    “At the 2015 Sibos conference in Singapore we held a unique session…a pop quiz show!  Featuring teams of academics and bankers from around the world, and modelled on A Question of Sport, this was sure to be a fun-filled event (sic).  Our first call to host the show was Julia, and she did not disappoint.  It was a spectacular success!  Julia created the format, rules and questions for the show, and even bought herself a sparkly black jacket to wear on stage…very chic.  Her easy going manner and witty asides had both contestants and audience amused and entertained throughout the show.  Her professionalism and in-depth preparation leading up to the event were second to none, and then seeing the results on stage…well, that’s where she really shines.  Hold on to the sparkly jacket Julia; you’re going to need it when I call you back to Sibos!”

    - Peter Ware, Director, SWIFT Institute
  • Sally Phillips, Actress and Comedian

    “There are comedy classes you can take but they don’t work.  You have to be born with it.   There’s no doubt that Julia was.   She doesn’t just say funny stuff, she is funny.   And what’s annoying is that comedy isn’t even her day-job.  She’s far too well-rounded, running her own business and being a trustee for a charity to be a full time comedy person…Ah well. At least there’s some work left for the rest of us.”


    - Sally Phillips, Actress and Comedian
  • Koy Thomson, CEO, Children in Crisis

    “Julia is a successful business-woman, a very good comedian, and an all-round indispensable trustee. In all my time, working for charities, serving on boards of trustees and working in partnership with governments, companies and other organisations, I have never come across anyone as inspiring, committed and high-performing as a trustee than Julia Streets.”

    - Koy Thomson, CEO, Children in Crisis
  • Matt Smith, Director,  Centre for Entrepreneurs

    “Julia was the closing speaker for the Marketing Week 2015 Start Up Britain event, blending her marketing and communications experience with an entertaining conclusion to the day. She explored several elements of business and wrapped this up in comedy; leaving the audience laughing, yet thoroughly inspired.”

    - Matt Smith, Director, Centre for Entrepreneurs
  • Mrs Moneypenny, FT Columnist and Channel 4 ‘Super Scrimper’

    “I have had the pleasure of performing with Julia on a number of occasions.  As a fellow entrepreneur and business woman, Julia has a lot to say about business that is worth listening to, and more to the point is downright funny. She invariably inspires peals of laughter in every audience she entertains.”

    - Mrs Moneypenny, FT Columnist and Channel 4 ‘Super Scrimper’
  • Sue McLeod, Director of the British American Project

    “For the past five years, Julia Streets has been the auctioneer at all of our fundraising dinners.  She was spontaneous, funny and never took her eye off the business in hand, which was to raise funds for the British American Project.  Her quick wit, charm and a keen eye helped us to raise funds that always exceeds our expectations. Thank you, Julia.”                                                                              

    - Sue McLeod, Director of the British American Project
  • Susan Walton, Friends of the Royal Hospital of Chelsea

    “Julia was one of a two-act show, performing at a fundraiser for the Royal Hospital of Chelsea.  Julia’s act really appealed to the Friends of the Royal Hospital of Chelsea, due to her sharp delivery and funny songs.  It was all delivered in a way that truly resonated with every member of the audience.”

    - Susan Walton, Friends of the Royal Hospital of Chelsea
  •  Joanne Linder, Alumni Advisory Board Member for Imperial College, London


    “With a blend of industry insight and corporate experience, combined with delivery that can captivate a mixed audience with young and more mature alumni; Julia delivered an inspiring talk.  This set our summer reception off to a swinging start.”

    -  Joanne Linder, Alumni Advisory Board Member for Imperial College, London
  • Duncan McRae, Director, Brummell Magazine

    “There is no-one quite like Julia Streets.  Julia is a complete breath of fresh air – wonderfully different, hugely versatile, flipping funny and she definitely knows her subjects – business and comedy.  I am in the process of engineering an event purely so Julia can speak at it.”

    - Duncan McRae, Director, Brummell Magazine
  • Lynne Parker, Funny Women

    “Laugh out loud romp through the absurdities of corporate jargon and its impact on the business psyche. Streets employs her instinct for comedy to brilliant effect.”

    - Lynne Parker, Funny Women
  • Rowan Pelling, Daily Telegraph

    “Recovered idiom abuser Julia Streets guides you laughing, gasping and weeping through the maze of corporate gobbledygook. This timely gem is required reading for anyone who has ever wanted to run amok with an axe when they hear the words blue sky thinking.”

    - Rowan Pelling, Daily Telegraph